POP Displays for Cardinal Spirits

Jan 10, 2022

Beyond Tree Services

We were thrilled to work with Bloomington’s own Cardinal Spirts on point-of-purchase display cabinets that feature their growing line of products.  We designed and assembled 30 cabinets based on a conceptual drawing they provided.

Kris, Josh, Isaiah, Josh with client.

The cabinets are in Kroger stores in both Bloomington and Indianapolis. Here in Bloomington they are at the College Mall and South Kroger stores.

We love taking on challenges with our CNC router and 3D printing machines. The cabinets were a great project for us, working within an accelerated production schedule. Jerad lead the team, Kris designed the 3D parts and ran the CNC, Josh and Isaiah handled most of the assembly and finishing.

Thank you Cardinal Spirits.